The Manager’s Cottage


Around 1920, when the property was first established, it was over 2,000 acres. The Manager’s Cottage was built for the family who resided full time on the property, tending to the land, raising herd animals and looking after a full stable of horses, their main form of transportation. The Main House was reserved for the owners and has certainly changed and grown over the years.

In contrast, the Manager’s Cottage remains on the same footprint since around 1950. The cottage has “evolved” somewhat in all those years but still bears much of the same handiwork that went into creating it.

We’ve learned in the last couple of years that many guests coming to Big Yarra View are part of larger groups visiting the Yarra Valley. Even though our property is one of the larger single family homes available for guest accommodation in the area, larger groups are often split-up to satisfy their needs.

We now offer the Manager’s Cottage as an additional option for guests who are renting the main house. Renovation has been completed to the interior and though there’s a new roof and some new weatherboards, we’ve kept some of the “old world” charm on the exterior. Inside there’s a very large Master with King Bed and a large Sofa Bed option in the Living Room, which adds accommodation for up to four people. There’s a very well equipped kitchen and dining area, along with a well appointed bathroom with all amenities provided.

Just to reiterate, the Manager’s Cottage is not rented to separate guests, so there will never be two guest groups on the property. If you are renting the Main House, you can add the Manager’s Cottage for all, or just one of your booking nights.